Mt Colah Community Church is part of the world-wide Christadelphian community.

We believe the Bible to be the record of God’s interaction with prior generations. We believe the messages it contains are inspired by God and speak both to the people of their day and to us in the 21st century.

God calls us to immerse ourselves in this authoritative narrative and to wrap our lives around the central Bible message of Jesus Christ’s giving.

We believe God is the author of all things good and He created humans to live with Him. God is a “communal” relationship being and He created us to be relational as well. However when sin entered the world, our relationships with God, others, ourselves, and creation were broken and distorted.

God did not abandon His creation to destruction and decay; in fact He promised to restore this broken world. God chose a people to represent Him in the world. This people started with Abraham and his descendants. God promised to make them into a mighty nation. In time they became enslaved in Egypt. They cried out to God because of their oppression and God heard their cry. He brought them out with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. He brought them to Sinai where he gave them an identity as His treasured possession, a Kingdom of priests, a holy people. He also instituted a series of laws and asked His people to live within them. Sacrificing animals was a key part of this law. The laws were good and useful but they were not a complete solution to staying in faith with God.

God brought His people into the Promised Land. They were blessed and called upon to put God on display to the nations. They made movement toward this calling, yet they disobeyed and allowed foreign gods into the land. They forgot about God. At times their lifestyles became more important than God’s calling. However the Bible record consistently shows that God refused to give up on His people in spite of their frequent acts of unfaithfulness to Him.

Eventually they were sent into exile, and yet a small faithful group of believers looked ahead with longing and hope to a coming promised Messiah.

This Messiah came as promised. We believe this to be the son of God - Jesus, born of a virgin in humble circumstances in a barn attached to an inn in Bethlehem.  Jesus’ impact on the earth was immediate. Even as a child he showed that his Father was working in him.

As he grew, Jesus demonstrated an amazing “inclusivity”. An inclusivity based on love. He brought a message of hope to everyone in society. The poor, rich, government bureaucrats, lepers, the blind, fishermen, lawyers and the political and spiritual leaders of his day. No one was excluded from his message.

Jesus lived a perfect life proclaiming the arrival of a new era and declaring a new and revolutionary way of living with God. A way of grace – a new life available to all humans and one that would no longer rely on the series of laws that had applied for prior generations.

For some in his society, especially those who loved legalism, the message was too great to hear. They simply couldn’t cope with a world order without rules. They killed Jesus – nailed to the cross.  He was buried but God his father raised him from his tomb.

His death and resurrection bring hope to all creation. Through Jesus we have been forgiven and we now have a more definite way of staying close to God.  No more a need to follow rules to win God’s favour. Jesus death was a gift to us…there is now nothing for us to earn in God’s eyes.  

For all who accept his sacrifice and are born again through baptism, Jesus promised that we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the power in our lives today to grow more and more like the perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

The church plays a very important part in relaying this great message of hope. The church is loved by Jesus, like a groom loves a bride. This is because Jesus has asked that the church tell the world of his death and resurrection. We are on display to a broken and hurting world and we must demonstrate the giving that Jesus gave how we care for people in our communities.

We believe the day is coming when Jesus will return and reclaim this world, the earth's groaning will cease and God will dwell with us as a new and restored creation.