Tanna Projects

posted 21 Nov 2017, 03:55 by Simon Morgan

Greetings in the Lord’s Name,


Tanna Projects has been working very hard over this past year to help those less fortunate that live on Tanna Island. 

I have added a progress report on our Widow and Elderly Nutrition Program which we would appreciate being forwarded on to the members of your ecclesia. 

Our Winter Clothing Appeal has begun, and a flyer regarding this program is attached. 

This year we aim to concentrate on Warm Leggings for the women and girls and singlets and socks for the elderly. 

We are also welcoming second hand clothes which are in good condition and these can be bundled up and collected.

Tanna Projects is also appealing to your ecclesia for a Freight donation to send these items over and if your ecclesial could possibly help toward that cost we would be very grateful for your generosity. 

Our Lord’s return is very close and we all look forward to that day.  All our endeavours are overshadowed by His guiding hand and we pray for the strength and wisdom to “Occupy till He comes” . In the meantime, we are continuing to be aware of those needing our help and support in this very difficult environment on Tanna Island and your support would be appreciated. 

Kind Regards
Tanna Projects Committee.

Simon Morgan,
21 Nov 2017, 03:55