Date Adjustments for Business Meeting at Conference

posted 28 Mar 2018, 17:51 by Simon Morgan
See note below.  If you would like to propose we send any motions let me know so that we can discuss.

Dear Recorders and Secretaries

Some confusion was caused in the last email due to the incorrect assignment of a weekday to a date viz. Sat 4th April (a Wednesday in fact). My apologies. Please be advised of the following corrected dates wrt Business Meeting communications...

7-Apr-2018 Motions must be received by this date
21-Apr-2018 Motions will be sent to ecclesias calling for amendments
2-Jun-2018 Amendments must be received by this date
16-Jun-2018 Final Business Meeting agenda will be sent to ecclesias by this date

n behalf of the Chairman, bro John Quill​
Your brother in Christ

Peter Collins
Conference Secretary