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Our Aim is to provide support for Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias. This is done by lending money for building projects to Ecclesias and other non-profit charitable Christadelphian organizations.



This last year has been the eleventh as an Association under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act, and the twenty-seventh since the sale of Regent Hall.


As at 30 June 2017 we have $945,918 on loan to 11 organizations (compared to $325,360 and 12 last year).  These are three Heritage College Schools, and eight Ecclesia’s.  These Ecclesia’s are in five states (NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA). 


Our loan funds at June 30, 2017 were distributed between Ecclesia’s (21%) and Schools (79%).  There was an additional loan granted to Heritage College Sydney and a new loan to Heritage College (Adelaide).


The Ecclesia’s who have made their final repayment during the 2016 – 2017 financial year are Ascot, Cabramatta and Southern Vales.  A new loan was given to Canterbury Ecclesia.


If you would like more details about the Properties or to donate please contact the secretary as per details below. We are always very happy to receive enquiries from any ecclesia that may require a loan to assist a building project


Total assets at June 30, 2017 were $1,325,521.  To date 35 different Christadelphian organizations have availed themselves of one or more loans from this fund.


There was no grant given in 2016-2017 financial year.  This year the Properties have set aside funds for the 2017 grant program.  We are open to applications from ecclesia’s or any other Christadelphian groups for this year’s grant.


We welcomed two new committee members this year, Mylee Joseph and Jason Gilmore. Philip Brown retired from the committee and we thank him for his years of service.  This leaves seven Committee Members (who are members of five Christadelphian Ecclesia’s in Sydney).  We would be very happy to hear from anyone interested in joining the committee.


For any enquiries relating to funding or any aspect of the operation of Christadelphian Properties, please feel free to contact;

The Secretary, Sis Nerida O’Neill, 3 Margo Place, Schofields, NSW, 2762

Ph: 0414 337 406,     Email: