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posted 4 Dec 2017, 21:37 by Simon Morgan   [ updated 4 Dec 2017, 21:39 ]
This month reports on the work of the School in Tanna, Vanuatu.
There is great work going on with this Christadelphian school, Kapalpal.

Also, attached is a newsletter in regards to the Phnom Penh Dormitories. Thank you to all for your financial contributions and prayers to assist with this project. There are over 60 brother and sisters in Cambodia who first had contact with the gospel via the Bethezer Dorms. 2 out of every 3 of our brothers and sisters in Cambodia at some stage lived in the dorms.

There are currently 39 Dormers who call the Bethezer Dormitories home, providing them accommodation and support while they study. It costs approximately $1,200 per year ($100 per month) to support one dormer. If you would like to donate to help support a dormer, it would be much appreciated. Please enter "Dorms" into reference line when you make a payment.

Account Name: The Christadelphian Bethezer Fund Inc
Account Number: 4848 55637
BSB: 014-002
Simon Morgan,
4 Dec 2017, 21:37
Simon Morgan,
4 Dec 2017, 21:39